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I heard that Japanese, besides making weird games, also liked to make dating simulation games so i tried playing a game. The creepy simulation game named Time Only Knows MOD APK from Genius Studio Japan Inc was chosen. Personally speaking, if you want to play an interactive novel game of romantic dating with a little creepy, you should find some Japanese games because it’s incredibly good.

Introduce about Time Only Knows

Who is the liar? Who is the killer?

The story

You woke up from a coma with heavy body and blurred vision. Opening your eyes, a little more closely, you realized that you were in a hospital, surrounded by white walls and miscellaneous wires. You wondered why you were here, what happened, why were you injured. The more you tried to remember, the more blank your mind went. You couldn’t even remember your name. In a panic, you flipped everything around. Finding a wallet, you tremblingly pulled out your ID, and completely shocked. You were looking at a stranger’s face without knowing whether this was your real identity or not.

That’s how Time Only Knows leads you into the anime-inspired visual novel story, which is an adventure of love, mystery, intrigue, romance, and unanswered deaths.

To further demonstrate mysterious storyline, I will tell you one more progression, then you will understand that it’s time to pick up the phone and download this game immediately.

While you were still struggling with your amnesia, a nurse entered the ward, saw that you were awake, and called the emergency contact person. And at the same time, three girls appeared. Everyone called themselves Chirol Saotome, your girlfriend. The doctor also came in and informed that your existing amnesia was caused by the shock of the brain after the suicide attempt. Memory would recover after three hours. That information made you even more confused because you couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Which of the three girls present here were the two fake Chirols? And why would they deliberately lie even though they know you would remember everything in a few hours? As soon as your head was buzzing from those follow-up questions, there was a message appearing from your phone: “Don’t trust Chirol Saotome”.

Have you got goosebumps yet? Recalling the feeling when I first entered the game, I also got goosebumps. Lots of creepy things started to appear. The dark and erotic story also began here.

Along with solving the mystery of the three girls, the memories gradually return but you must try to hide this, and pretend the insanity is still going on to save your life. You don’t know who to trust, and what happened to make you-in-the-past so resentful that you decide to die. Love is in this hospital room of several dozen square meters, and deadly mysteries also appear here at the same time, in two of the three girls standing in front of this.

A girl is trying to kill you

Every Chirol here is harboring some secrets because all are very suspicious and make you love, curious and scared at the same time. A girl with dark hair looks innocent and shy even when holding you in her arms and keeping you company through a long night. A red hair girl likes talking and smiling, but always reminds you of a yandere with sharp eyes that are observant and look at you when chatting. It feels both scary and exciting. The other girl seems to have some kind of tragic past, but she is a positive, optimistic person and usually brings up the mood. It is also a factor that you should pay attention to.


How to play Time Only Knows is remarkably simple. Like many interactive novel games, you just follow the story progress by reading the content on the screen and choose the appearing options. Each choice represents your personality, opinion, and thoughts on an issue, relationship, or situation. All combined will bring you to a separate ending. Each player with different choices will come to different outcomes.

Each situation presents only two options but always puts you in the middle of awkward situations. For example, you have to choose between ignoring Chirol in front of you to hear important information or responding to Chirol’s feelings and not caring about valuable information. You may think it’s easy. However, the problem is that the story and incarnation of the characters in Time Only Knows are so attractive that sometimes you forget you are playing the game. You may think that you are the male lead and be attracted to these girls. When you play by your own emotions, that’s when you’re completely cheated. Choices are therefore imprecise.

Most importantly, the attraction of this interactive game novel is in the mysteric plot about the murder. Somewhere in the story of the three girls, you must be the one to notice the absurdity, or some strange detail in the timeline they tell. If you are not alert enough, you can come to the very tragic end of witnessing another gruesome murder. Take action to prevent it before it’s too late.

Although it’s a dating simulation game with a romantic story, you must always remember that the three girls in the game are not truly adorable. And if you’re looking for a genuine relationship to date, honestly, don’t play this game.

MOD APK version of Time Only Knows

MOD feature

Free Premium Choices

Download Time Only Knows MOD APK for Android

The novel game is just too good, too twisted, and full of thrilling details. The interaction is also quite a lot, but it is important to discover this “romantic – mysterious – creepy” story. After playing the game, I was still dumbfounded for a long time. If you’re interested, try it out.


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