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Should I go for a dedicated DAP? (Coming from LG Q9 Quad Dac)

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Jul 8, 2020 at 4:59 AM

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Sep 18, 2019


Hey guys! I’m gonna be getting a new phone tomorrlw and it’ll be an LG Q9. I found out that this phone has the same quad dac as the rest of the LG phones. I read the fine print of it and it uses the ES9128P chip.

I also wanna get a dedicated DAP to keep all the songs in and I saw all the entry level daps uses the same ES9128P chip. (Ex, Fiio M3 Pro, Shanling Q1, etc…)

Most of my songs are 24bit/96khz and nothing above that. I mainly use IEMs as well. I might be getting headphones but it’s not till next year. Are there any range of daps that are below or around the 200USD range worth mentioning since I’ll be getting the LG Q9? Or should I stick to the LG Q9 for now?




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Xin chào tôi là SHN, Tôi cünġ ċấp và chia sẽ tới các bạn những bài viết và những тhôиɢ тιи нữu ícн nhất, và tuyệt vời nhất!

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