Renegade Racing 1.1.5 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

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Join the crazy car races in Renegade Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money), the hotest racing game of Not Doppler.

Introduce about Renegade Racing

If you did not know, Renegade Racing once reached more than 180 million players after it was posted on a website of Miniclip. If you ever stealthily played this game during your school classes, you have had wonderful memories. It was not until the end of 2019 that the iOS and Android versions of this game were officially released by Not Doppler. Now you can re-experience the exciting memories of this 2D scrolling racing game on your mobile phone.


Getting from the start line to the finish line in Renegade Racing is more than just stepping on the accelerator. You still have to do a few more somersaults! To lead 5 other online players, perform beautiful acrobatics and land perfectly. In this physics-based racing game, every skill performs replenish your acceleration bar. So don’t hesitate.

Renegade Racing download for Android

You need to know when to take risks (often) and when to stay safe (rarely) to always lead the convoy on roads full of steep slopes, holes and even dangerous passes. Besides, keep your focus to dodge the grenades and fire bullets that are flying chaos across the screen.

The gameplay of Renegade Racing is also quite simple. You only have two buttons for you to steer your vehicle back and forward. Double-tap twice to use nitro, giving your car an x2 speed boost. The more stunts you perform, the more nitro your car have more nitro to accelerate, helping you get to the finish line faster. However, if you fail, you also easily overturn and have to start the car from the speed 0 km/h. Everything has its price, right?

Unlock more new roads

Renegade Racing continuously refreshes your experience by changing the map and environment continuously. Cross cities, countryside, volcanoes and more.

Join crazy races that never happened before

If you look at Renegade Racing’s track, you probably don’t think this is a race, but just a normal road. There is no racing game that organizes a race between a double-decker bus, a truck and a bulldozer. But Renegade Racing broke all the old rules and rules. No need for Ferrari, Lamborghini or any supercar, you can start this game with just one truck in the supermarket.

This game defeats all the laws of physics, the laws of universal gravity. A tank can easily cross a vertical mountain toe, accelerate and jump over a wide pit.

Upgrade vehicles and unlock unique cars

Finish first, and you’ll earn in-game bonuses that pay for steering, acceleration, turbocharged engines and more. Every car tuning detail, big or small, makes a difference. Keep your form to unlock challenging new roads and ever-growing racing cars – from slick hot rods and pit trucks to a massive double-decker bus. But you can rest assured: No matter what you drive, you will have exciting entertainment at top speed and definitely not obey the traffic laws.

Renegade Racing MOD APK download

Renegade Racing doesn’t give you expensive supercars in classic racing games. In the garage, you can choose from a number of vehicles to participate in the race such as bus, bulldozer, truck, police car, … Of course, a two-story bus cannot run as fast as the taxi, but it easily overcomes obstacles thanks to its strength and size. You can equip some special equipment for the car such as magnets (used to suck money), nitro (speed up the car).

Unique, funny horizontal scrolling 2D graphics

Because the gameplay of Renegade Racing is somewhat illogical and does not follow the laws of physics, it is difficult for the developers if they have to design graphics in a realistic way. At the time of the game’s first appearance, the game’s 2D scrolling graphics were also highly appreciated by critics. The smooth physics and controls are also a plus point of the game.

Renegade Racing MOD by

MOD APK version of Renegade Racing

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in the game when starting (1M dolars).
  • Double Cash
  • No Ads

Download Renegade Racing MOD APK for Android

Every time you reach the finish line, you receive a pretty special reward, which is watching your car destroyed in many different ways. The purpose of these races is unknown, but it has brought a lot of fun to millions of players around the globe. Renegade Racing also gives you many modes for you to race with your friends and online players. Join it now!


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