Pakka Pets Village 2.2.23 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

Download and install Pakka Pets Village APK on your Android device right now. This virtual pet game will bring you fun and dispel boring time every day.

Introduce about Pakka Pets Village

Virtual pet games have become popular for a long time. If you are a lover of games of this genre, you are no stranger to My Talking Tom or My Talking Angela. However, today I want to introduce you to the game Pakka Pets Village from developer Space Inch. This is where you can create a cute pet village instead of just taking care of a certain pet like other games.

Many pets, lots of fun

Coming to Pakka Pets Village, you not only have the task of taking care of cute animals but also have to build a village for them to live happily. Collect materials and use your creativity to design a fun world with lots of cute pets. Crafting magic food, decorating houses, playing games and lots of adventure adventures await.


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