Koda Cam 2.3 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download

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Koda Cam MOD APK is a very popular photo editing application because it has many beautiful filters. If you need artistic photo editing to have unique photos to post on social networks, Koda Cam is a must-choose.

Introduce about Koda Cam

Photo editing application specializing in classic film filters with full of depth

Retro Camera trend and the value of time color photographs

Vintage photos tinged with time always bring an indescribable sense of nostalgia. A little hazy, a little nostalgic, a little anxious. Is that the feeling you always get when you look at the 80s-90s vintage color photo?

If there’s any moment when you want to be the main character in such timeless artwork, you can find an app of vintage-style effects.

In response to the recent retro cam movement, a testament to the special value of timeless classic photos, several retro cam filter applications have been born. If you are looking for a place full of nostalgia and want to create a unique feature for your images but still want to keep its inherent natural features, then Koda Cam can help you.

Koda Cam is an image editing application with a variety of effects and filters that bring the color of time to your photos. With years of experience observing, experimenting, and distilling classic visual effects, the developer Koda Cam has brought this eye-catching application based on inspiration from the Kodak film camera of the last decade.

Hundreds of vintage photo effects

Straight to the point, when using Koda Cam, you can freely search and edit your photo into a photo full of nostalgia. Your ordinary photo will quickly become more retro, stylish, and attractive with hundreds of filter effects available in Koda Cam.

The highlight of the filters in Koda Cam is the old watercolor and the unmistakable vintage effects. Thanks to these effects, even mediocre photos become more artistic and better composed.

Each filter is a care

Koda Cam is stocking hundreds of retro cam filters that are professional, moderate, and don’t overly edit the image. Each filter in here is taken care of. They were drawn from many old pictures to create a standard, bold, personality but no less comfortable filter.

The filters in Koda Cam can be divided into the following groups:

  • More than 30 professionally designed Analog film filters. Apply them to the image to bring a new nuance without destroying the inherent color water of the image.
  • More than 40 light effect filters with adjustable intensity, giving the image a completely different, more dynamic, and sharper look. Thanks to this group of filters, the angles on your face and the architectural lines of the surrounding context also become more concise and neater.
  • More than 20 Gradient filters create images with colors that fade from one shade to another, like stepping out of a photo studio. With this group of filters, you can change the gradient colors, or combine 2-3-4 different colors in the same image. Each selection and customization bring a unique feeling.
  • The Onetap Glitch effect filters (chromatic aberration) also contribute a new flavor to the image, although small, the image effect it brings is quite impressive.
  • More than 20 filters for scratches and film dust: this is perhaps one of the unforgettable features of retro cam photos. Time is like there, settling down and sinking deep into the picture, which creates a picture with scratches and film dust. You seem to see the old image of your parents, grandparents. 

Adjust other details on the photo

In addition to the built-in filters, users also have a lot of manual tweaking features to create their image: Adjust exposure, saturation, brightness, or selective warmth, or adjust exposure and color with fine, precise control.

After applying the necessary filters and adjustments, you can quickly press the Share button on Koda Cam to instantly share your beautiful photos on social networks.

You can apply filters before taking a photo

Different from retro cam applications where you can only apply filters to images already on the device, in Koda Cam, you can set up, select filters, and preview how your photos will turn out before taking them. It’s simple and convenient operation makes you even more interested in editing photos after taking them.

MOD APK version of Koda Cam

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Koda Cam APK & MOD for Android

Koda Cam will be a great choice for your photo album this spring. Let’s take pictures with grandparents and parents and have beautiful, emotional, and time-settled memories. What could be more wonderful? 


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