Figure Fantasy 3.81.1109 APK Download for Android

Figure Fantasy APK, a role-playing game from KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, has many games in game that you can’t ignore if you love Figure or Miniature.

Introduce about Figure Fantasy

Let’s try so many attractive and sexy games in a game!

Figure, a passion from the heart

I know many gamers who, in addition to being passionate about playing games on different platforms, have the hobby of collecting Figures. In the world of Figure enthusiasts, the hobby is an art, not an expensive hobby as outsiders think.

Playing or collecting Figures is generally to have a collection of models of your favorite characters in games, cartoons, comics… Just like anyone interested in dolls, people who play Figures are not only excited with the process of collecting/ finding unique and interesting character models but also spending a lot of time looking at all the details inside and out to shape the ideal models. Of course, it is indispensable to take pictures of the model or even make a clip just to show the full beauty of the newly purchased model.

Figure Fantasy for Android 1440x810

Like any other passionate hobby, playing Figures can take a lot of money and effort, but in return, your heart will always dance because of the attractions from the beauty of the models. Each character shape is also associated with a lot of memories and is the link between you and another art (such as manga, anime, games…).

Anyone who has been immersed in this unspeakable joy must have wished at least once to see their beautiful model able to move like a real game character. And if they have a life of their own and a special adventure for themselves, nothing is better.

Now let me introduce to you the game that can make your dream come true: Figure Fantasy, a mobile game based on the characters as the most famous Figures today.


In this rather strange game, you will be the controller, the supreme of all the lovely character models that appear in the game. In other words, instead of playing a normal role-playing game, you will be your Figure and start living a new life, going on the most amazing adventures in this miniature world.

The battles in Figure Fantasy are represented on a 3×3 grid pattern. In each battle, each side can choose 5 random characters from 5 fighting schools: Vanguard, Defender, Army, Support, and Expert. The strategy is very evident in the way you arrange and choose the Figure characters to go to the battles.

Figure Fantasy on APKMODY 1440x810

The weapon system for the characters is also very diverse, depending on the selected Figure, you will have a weapon system and skill upgrade. In my general opinion, the resources in the game are many and reasonably distributed. No matter what style of battle character you choose, you are not afraid of lack of resources, you just need to work hard to upgrade and your skills will improve significantly. The game is also idle, so when offline, the characters can also collect more resources for themselves and wait until you come back.

In addition to fighting with different factions, players also can perform many tasks every day. These tasks, if completed, also bring a lot of worthy rewards, helping players collect many trophies and rare resources.

Heaven Figure

The number of Figures in Figure Fantasy is enormous. For people who love to collect Figures, being able to witness the flexible movements of each of these Figures is indeed a desirable thing. No matter how many Figures you have in your hand, Figure Fantasy will always bring you a lot of new experiences.

Reappear every feeling of a Figure addict

Every time you win, you will have the opportunity to buy a new Blind Box. Enjoy the feeling of excitement when opening the box and finding the unexpected character inside. Then you can fight, customize your collection, collect new characters to create your own unique Otaku zone. The number of Otaku and the style of the figure display reflect the taste and fighting style of each player in this game. Depending on your preferences, you can create a variety of collections with different styles like Science Fiction, Medieval Heroes, Princesses, and Princes… And if you’re still confused about which theme to choose, Figure Fantasy also has hundreds of suggested themes for newbies. No need to worry.

Graphics and sound

The graphics are indeed an art. You probably already know 2D, 2.5D, then 3D from playing various genres of games. In Figure Fantasy, to create smooth movements, vivid faces, and all the movements and combat manipulations of the model characters here, the publisher had to use a special technology called Physically-based-rendering Technology (PBR). It can recover every inch of the model with great precision, connect an infinite series of small movements, and export into a single seamless movement for each model with the help of material textures and refraction light. Of course, I don’t know how this process happens in the design room of the game producers but this must be very elaborate.

Figure Fantasy APK download 1440x810

Thanks to that, the player gets the sweet fruit. There are vivid, sharp, beautiful characters; smooth movements; precise combat; and a very seamless game outline. Shadow effects, lighting in the game also do very well. When playing, you will clearly see that each character’s skill comes with a lot of impressive synthetic effects.

Download Figure Fantasy APK for Android

The game is for anyone with a special passion for Figures. It must be said to be the biggest collection of Figures ever. And not only admire, unbox, or play all kinds of games, but you can also accompany your favorite Figure into surreal strategic battles.


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