Brawlhalla 6.06 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

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Are you ready to participate in fierce battles on multiple platforms? Download Brawlhalla APK on your Android device and get started today.

Introduce about Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a 2D multiplayer action game by Blue Mammoth Games. In fact, this game first appeared in 2015 on Steam, Xbox One, macOS, PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms. With unique gameplay on multiple platforms, the game has quickly attracted more than 40 million players worldwide. Later, Blue Mammoth Games was acquired by Ubisoft, the official publisher of this game.

Currently, the game is releasing a BETA version for Android. Expected, the version for iOS and Android will officially be released on August 6, 2020. Before downloading the game and participating in fierce online battles, let me find out some information about this game.


A Brawlhalla match consists of 4 players. The rules are quite similar to MOBA games. Before starting a match, you need to choose a character (called Legend), skins and some skills. Your task in battle is to knock your opponent off the stage. The opponent falls to the bottom of the screen will be damaged. The remaining health of a character is displayed by the color on that character’s avatar. The closer a person’s color is to the red, the further the character is pushed further. In the end, the character with at least one life or the character with the most points will win.

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Weapons dropped randomly onto the arena. Touch the Pick-Up button (pick up) when passing them to use. Although it is indicated by a sword, you do not know in advance which weapon you will receive. Currently, the game offers 13 types of weapons including Gauntlets, Blasters, Magic Orbs, Greatswords, Scythes, Sword, Cannons, Rocket Lances, Hammer, Bows, Katars, Axes and Spears. Some characters will use their characteristic weapons.

Fairness is what needs to be mentioned in Brawlhalla’s gameplay. Victory depends on your skills and strategy. For each different map, you need to have a suitable strategy so that other players do not gain too many advantages. You also need to understand the skills and strengths of each character. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of your opponent, you have won 50% of the victory.

No character is too strong, and there is no pay-to-win in this game. You need to practice and learn really seriously if you want to climb the rank on the global rankings.

Cross-play feature

Right. When you play on any platform, you can still match the game with players on other platforms. This feature makes matches more diverse, and you can also play with your friends if they use other platforms.


Brawlhalla gives players a lot of modes even when you’re online or offline. When you are online, you can participate in online matches or ranking matches with many rules like 1v1, 2v2 or Free-For-All, the mode of all players fighting in chaos and finding out the last survivor. Winning will increase your Elo points, helping you improve your rankings. Brawlhalla also has a ranking system similar to MOBA games with the rankings of Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

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Offline mode includes several modes such as Couch Party, Training, Tournament. There, Couch Party allows you to create rooms and play with friends. You can also challenge your skills with AI in Tournament mode. If you want to train and get acquainted with the characters, select the Training mode, where all characters and costumes are unlocked.

The Legends

Currently, Brawlhalla has 50 characters (Legends) franchised from many different games. You need to unlock the character if you want to use it in battle. Each week, the game allows players to use 6 free characters. Use the coins you collect after each match to unlock the characters you want. However, there are some characters that require you to pay to unlock. You may consider buying the Unlock All Characters package from the store.

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Find out more about each character in the Meet the Legends section of the Menu bar. Each character has different storylines, backgrounds and pros and cons. There are 4 indicators that you need to consider, including Dexterity, Strength, Defense and Speed. These stats directly affect the overall strength of the character, you can rely on it to assess the strength of the character before deciding to unlock.

Besides, the skins are also very diverse. If you want to change a character’s appearance, you need to unlock that character’s skins. You also have the opportunity to get free skins through events or quests. Some skins are inspired by familiar characters such as Lara Croft (Diana’s skin), The Rock (Sentinal’s skin) and especially Rayman, the character appearing since Ubisoft was franchised.


Brawlhalla has sharp 2D graphics with lots of nice effects. You immerse yourself in a beautiful environment with extremely detailed designed characters. Controls are also quite smooth and without any delay, making it easy to manipulate and do not encounter many obstacles in the process of climbing the global ranking.

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Besides, the game is also optimized to play on all Android devices, including mid-range phones.

How to install Brawlhalla APK + OBB

  1. Download the APK and OBB files of Brawlhalla via the link below the article.
  2. Unzip the file “”.
  3. Copy the folder “” to the “Android/obb” folder.
  4. Install the APK file.

Download Brawlhalla APK for Android

Brawlhalla is suitable for all players, including pure entertainment players and tryhard players. Are you ready to join the most exciting online arena on Android and put your name on the top 50 of the best players?


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