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Baidu by MoboMarket Announces Its First Student Photography Contest-Identity Magazine



Baidu by MoboMarket Announces Its First Student Photography Contest

Baidu by MoboMarket Announces Its First Student Photography Contest




Photography plays an integral part in capturing moments from today and creating memories for a lifetime, the moments that best captivate our hearts. Every picture tells a story, let’s make our stories candid, artistic and joyful.

In a nod to its glory, Egypt has roots with educational institutions by establishing some of the oldest, most authentic and most picturesque universities. Students enter and leave their universities without thinking about unearthing the charm of these educational institutions.

Baidu, China’s Search Giant, has initiated its first-ever student photography competition  t “Wareena Gam3tak” calling on students to capture the ‘behind the scenes’ moments of their own university experience in an attempt to highlight the hidden gems inside these authentic institutions and showcase what inspires you as a student in your University. Whether it’s a lecture hall, a library, a lab or even sometime with your friends.

The competition is structured to give all students with Android-based smart phones the opportunity to capture photos and upload them to Baidu’s MoboMarket whereby you can share your photos on social networks and ask friends to vote and like your photo to have a chance to win a Huawei smart phone from Baidu Egypt. MoboMarket is a renowned Android App and PC Management Software brand owned by Baidu Inc, the biggest search engine company in China. Baidu’s MoboMarket will launch the competition tab as of the 20th of April and it closes at 20th of May, on that date, the winner will be announced.

Baidu Egypt is presenting two kinds of prizes, prize for the first, second and third place, all based on number of likes the photos get. And other categories of prizes including: The most beautiful picture of a building, the most beautiful picture of people and the most creative picture. The winning photos will be judged by a professional photography team from Baidu’s MoboMarket.

Lu Chao Chao, Baidu Egypt Marketing Manager, said “Wareena Gam3tak” is designed to go inside Eight Egyptian universities including Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Mansoura University,Menoufeya University,Helwan University, MUST, Fayoum University and Canadian International College in an initiative to encourage students to unearth the hidden charm of their universities”

The contest opens to all university students, even who have already graduated from university or who are willing to go to university. It will include  8 universities in order to let students know about MoboMarket Mobile Photography Contest, and there will be more competitions for students this year such as Best Seller, Developer Competition.


Baidu Egypt searches for talented students from different universities through different competitions through its most competitive product MoboMarket.


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