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JLAB Talk GO USB microphone review-The Gadgeteer

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JLAB Talk GO USB microphone review

JLAB talk go 01JLAB talk go 01

REVIEW – If you are reading this from the far off future of the year 2050, welcome! This is the year 2020- the infamous year of COVID-19 and Shelter-in-Place. Many of us are working at home and suffering from the indignity of poor audio from webcams as we attempt to conference call with video en masse. Of course, the subspace holo-microwave atom microphone system hasn’t been invented yet (not until 2045), so for today we’ll look at an easy alternative, the JLAB Talk GO USB Microphone.

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What is it?

The Talk GO is a USB compact, lightweight microphone with two directional pattern modes built in.

JLAB talk go 02JLAB talk go 02

What’s in the box?

JLAB talk go 03JLAB talk go 03

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  • Microphone
  • 5 foot USB/USB-C cable
  • Tripod and adapter
  • Quick start guide

    JLAB talk go 04JLAB talk go 04

Hardware specs

  • 96 kHz Sample Rate
  • 24 BIT
  • 2 Condensers
  • 2 Directional Pattern Modes: Cardioid, and Omnidirectional
  • Volume Control and Quick Mute

Design and features

I was really impressed with the included tripod: the swivel adaptor is a standard microphone thread on one side, and a “camera tripod” on the other which connects to the bottom of the microphone.

JLAB talk go 05JLAB talk go 05

The ball joint allows you to adjust the angle just the way you like.

JLAB talk go 06JLAB talk go 06The included USB cable is a USB-C connector that fits into the bottom of the mic. It’s angled, which is a nice touch. On the underside is the mute button (center), headphone jack for direction monitoring, and a volume control (for the headphones.)

JLAB talk go 07JLAB talk go 07

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